Challenges to Educators’ Professional Growth

The Colombo Symposium is one of the ELT community’s premier events in Colombia bringing together English teachers, teacher trainers, researchers, program administrators and material developers to network and share ideas and experiences.

While most discussions in our field turn around the learner and the learning processes, this year’s theme focuses on the teacher, appealing to anyone seeking to face the 21st century challenges of professional growth. What possibilities to develop and update professionally are available? What current strategies and technological resources are leading teachers using to ameliorate their teaching? How can classroom research make professional growth a lifestyle?

This 2015 Colombo Symposium will stand out from other events of this type as it will seek to provide attendees with discussions and reflections about professional development opportunities through plenary presentations, panel discussions, workshops and academic reports from influential and international keynote speakers of the field and local educators and researchers of the highest profile. Participants will gain insights from two perspectives: primarily the one of the teacher willing to ameliorate his professional profile and the one of the teacher willing to innovate and update his practices.

Keynote Sessions PPT

If you are interested in reviewing the plenary sessions, you can find the ppts, handouts or blogs here:

Keynote Session 1: Mark Pegrum's Blog 

Keynote Session 2. Keith Folse: English Grammar Nightmares: The 3 Ps (PrepositionsPresent Perfect,Phrasal Verbs)

Keynote Session 5. Anne Burns: Revitalizing your Classroom through Action Research  Handout

Keynote Session 6: Gabriel Díaz Maggioli: Teachers can have the cake and eat it, too!    Handout

Grant Program

A grant has become available to pay conference registration fees for English teachers for the 2015 symposium.  Grant funds are limited.

To apply, please complete the attached grant application and return to Johana Melo,  Academic Coordinator at  no later than Friday April 20th, 2015.

Each applicant will be notified via e-mail of the status of the submitted grant application by Friday, April 24th, 2015. Grant recipients will receive additional information upon acceptance.


We have invited a group of scholars from different academic backgrounds and institutions to share their experiences and research projects through concurrent sessions.

  • State Department of the United States of America
  • Pearson Colombia
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Cengage
  • Oxford University Press
  • Universidad de La Salle
  • Universidad de La Sabana
  • Universidad de Los Andes
  • Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas
  • Universidad del Norte
  • Universidad Industrial de Santander
  • Universidad Externado de Colombia
  • Universidad Colombo Americana - UNICA
  • Universidad Javeriana
  • Centro Cultural Colombo Americano Cali
  • Universidad Nacional de Colombia



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